I do not quite understand why we should be punished by being removed from the rankings. I’m always last. So it’s not because I’m bothering anyone by joining.
But because you are disabled, you suddenly can not be with anywhere because you do not fit.
We are already punished with wind resistance we do not have. And when you pull the wheel with your arms, it matters a lot.
When I lie in my bike I am 66 cm tall.
It provides very little resistance from the wind.
When I move around, the top of my head is 140 cm above the floor.
But as I write this. Can I not appear on the lists as ZwiftPower removes me from all races.
It is very demoralizing.
It’s not me, mine is in the same style. I just do not have a picture where I ride next to a bike.

And yes I am 1.40m in my wheelchair. If I sit on my ass on the floor, I’m smaller.

My bike, I just switched my Elite to a newer model.

Ride On…!
Ride Safe…!
Ride Online…!

Michael Naumann [eCKD] - [ZHB] - (Handbike) - H4

One of these years maybe Zwift inclusiveness will include handcycles. If voting in this forum makes any difference, click here and vote it up.

Whilst I appreciate the general idea there are limitations.

For social, training ride - ride what you like and all power to your elbows. I would enjoy seeing everything from trikes, recumbents, hand-bikes and even penny-farthings.

But when it comes to racing, I want a certain element of like for like in the equipment allowed. If I find the rider next to me is in a fully faired recumbent I won’t be too happy (Bad enough with all the Tron bikes as it is).

So yes, let’s get your height set to actual ride height and let’s hope to see hand-bike avatar’s some day soon.

Michael - you should email ZwiftPower@zwift.com
I think you should discuss with them what a fair height to use in-game is, and then leave it there. Changing it will automatically flag in results, and having it too small will as well, but there are things that the old ZwiftPower crew did for some people.
Sorry you’re caught up in the anti-cheating measures, but it is what it is.