Wattbike Atom seat height

Hi, random question because i know people have different leg sizes regardless of there height.

Im just over 6ft and wondered if my seat height is correct. It feels on the low side and could go 10 or 20 mm higher. Its currently at 730mm.

I had a bike fit on an Atom watt bike and the bloke started me at 700 mm, but i know it was incorrect as the is a big bend in my heal even at the bottom.

If theres anyone my height who not necessarily rides an Atom but could tell us what there seat height is who is around my height iā€™d appreciate it.

I will get another measure soon time soon

Thanks in advance :+1:

Totally impossible to compare with anybody else. Your 6ft of height could be longer legs than the next person who has a longer torso.
Flexibility plays a part, as we get older we are less flexible so saddle heights would be different.

The only advice you need is to get a proper professional bike fit done. Not the bloke from the Sunday morning gang that knows how to index gears so everyone things he can surely fit a bike.

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Perfect. Cheers buddy

You can purchase an inexpensive Goniometer from amazon. You will need to extend the measuring arms with chopsticks or the like and have a friend assist you in using it. There are several Youtube videos explaining how to use a Goniometer for bike fitting.