Bike Sizing

Hello all,

I am looking at purchasing a TT bike and found an amazing deal but the bike is 56" frame and I am only 5’7, I have been trying to do some research to see if I could pull this bike off, size wise.

any thought please let me know, or if there it anyone out there that is 5’7 ish with a 56" frame or bigger let me know how you find it.

You will have to go to a bike shop that does fittings to know for sure. Even if you fit on a 56" frame from one manufacture does not mean that 56" from other manufactures will fit you either. You will not regret a proper bike fit, but you will regret get a bike that does not fit you.

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thanks Paul, much appreciated on the advice. I will look into bike fit

At 5ft 7 I’d say a 56 could be overwhelming for you, especially on a TT where you have less tolerance to play with in terms of seapost offsets etc…

That said as Paul rightly says it depends on manufacturers.

Also depends on how your 5ft 7 is made up. You could be longer in the body with short legs. Or the opposite.

It’s easier to make a too small bike fit by fitting bigger stems eye but you can’t shrink a too big of a bike.


It’s very likely that this frame is too large for you. Something in the 54" to 51" size is more likely to fit.

The frame’s geometry matters, which is why one number cannot define which frames will fit you, as Paul wrote. But a 48" or a 56" are both likely not going to fit you, no matter the geometry.


Thanks for the feedback, that’s what I was thinking

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.