Struggling with bike compatibility

I was looking into the zwift hub one, but my bike is an older road bike and is only 5 speed and the specs say the min speed is 8. Though after watching the setup video, unless im missing something, it seems like the casette size shouldnt matter. Can anyone confirm or deny my thinking here, thanks!

So - most 5 speed bikes have a 126mm spacing in the rear, the Zwift Hub will support minimum 130mm.

If you have a steel frame you can probably just pull it, but that will put a lot of pressure on the freehub and might cause premature bearing failure on your trainer. You could cold-set a steel frame to 130mm (see ) and use an 8sp chain and I’d wager you’ll be fine. Likewise for a 130mm 7 speed.

But I see why Zwift wouldn’t want to say that in the specification.