New Group Rides

(Andrew Jarrod) #1

Hi all.  I looked at a few group rides last night (take SZR as an example) and they are still using the old method of “meet at the start line and try to follow the guy in slightly different coloured shirt” rather than the new group ride system.  I didn’t see any rides using the new system when I was logged in.

Is there are reason for this ?

(Michelle Richards) #2

I watched one tonight was awesome, made it so easy to join ride. I just think people don’t know about it yet. Maybe zwift could send instructions out or notify current groups.

(Uffe Lindhardt ODZ (B)) #3

One issue is that it is not possible to join once the ride is started (Joining riders will not be seen and their messages are invisible). That’s easy with the old method.

(D. Owen [KRT] #W4R) #4

I lead one of the PRL pack rides and these use the new event mode.  It’s still in beta and it gets better each week.  Look out for the FB posts from Zwift that list these rides.  A tip, when you first log into Zwift, you will come to the Ride screen.  On the right, if there are any scheduled soon, you will see the rides that use the new event mode.  You need to subscribe to the event there - buy clicking onto it and then hit the big ride button.  All else is pretty straightforward.   

The PRL this Wednesday and Saturday (A & B rides) use event mode so please come along and try it.  Also, the KISS races use the mode.