New graphic

Hej there Swifters.
Can anyone explain me why Swift don’t change the zoom factor at the upper right window.
Can anyone se which direction you ride.
Can anyone se all the going ups and downs at the profile.
Swift make “new” paths/roads, but it is a reused graphic, from older routes.
Ok,thats fine with some new suroundings, but now needed.
And as always, steering is disabled, why ??.
Cause Swift’s servers can’t handel the data i think.
Get some new and better servers, i think there is money enough for these matter.

I’m not sure what problem you are having with the route window as I have no problem seeing which direction I’m riding.

There are issues with the gradient display; it doesn’t reflect the chosen route but instead looks “ahead” on other routes, colours/contrast don’t always work against the background.

Steering is enabled/disabled by event type and organizer. Some believe it offers an unfair advantage in anything competitive so it’s disabled in those types of events. Try Free Riding or following with a Robo Partner and it should be working fine.

I think he’s talking about the fact that the elevation display does not correspond to the route you’re riding AND it’s too small. I don’t understand why it doesn’t show the elevation profile of the route you’re riding and isn’t big enough to be useful. Also it should go in a consistent direction. Sometimes it’s right to left and sometimes left to right. In short - it’s useless.

I think that’s what Ove is talking about.


Hi Colin
I need a bigger window, and i need the background fit the arrow, your position.
I know the direction shifting, no problem with that.
But i can’t se the arrow symbol showing the direction.
What about making the window bigger.

I want a realistic experience in the Swift univers.
I want to use the steering always, also in races, as in the real life.
It is a sheep unit to buy, and it’s fun to use.
I don’t understand the problem.

It us useless because it is to small.
I can’t se any small up and down going terrain/route.
The problem with the changing direktions can be fixed with a bigger window, and a bigger symbol showing your position.

Sure, it’ll depend what size of display device you are using. Zwift would have to make some sort of scalable window though because many folk wouldn’t want it any bigger, or to cover more of the screen (me for example).

As I said, steering seems to confer an advantage in racing and other events so I can’t see it being widespread any time soon. FWIW I have a Sterzo and would be happy to be able to use it more.

I think the problem with the direction is that they put a triangle inside a circle which makes it really hard to see, just have a bigger triangle pointing in the direction but without the circle and it’d be better


And it’s really bizarre how sometimes you’re going from left to right on that view, and sometimes right to left.

There’s a big thread on this somewhere.

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There is so much bad UI design in such a small area it is almost impossible to believe. The fact that nobody has found it worthwhile to make any improvements to any of it in so many years is the real mystery, though.


It is worse than that - they have actually made that bit much much worse


How do i get these on the screen ???.
That’s what i need for sure.

Do you have a time machine? that was from 2017!

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HA HA thats fin.

No, i have not a time machine.

My problem is, that i always use Companion, so i don’t need the map in the upper right corner.

Maybe the profile cut be at companion instead ?, and bigger there.

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Wow, I’ve never seen that old graphic before. Why on earth did they change that?!

Because they needed to add a map that you already have in the companion app so they ruined the gradient which is not in the companion app anywhere - not even the current gradient as a number!

you know, zwift logic!