New Features for Editing Events in Club Section of Companion App

As a club owner, I sometimes wish to make some changes to my club’s existing public events. Unfortunately, some of the changes cannot be done through the Companion App, which means I have to open a case with Zwift support to make the changes. Below are some examples. Please consider adding these capabilities to the Companion App.

Enabling/disabling “Power Meter Required”.
Enabling/disabling “Heart Rate Monitor Required”.
Enabling/disabling “Powerups”.
Changing the start time by one hour when my time zone’s time changes from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, and vice-versa.
Title of the event.
Description of the event.
Rider visibility (e.g. only see riders in my category, see all riders in event, see all riders in the world).

This would be a good upgrade.