Neo 2T question

hi all, tried to do a ride today with my now 2t.
I was barely spinning at like 30W or so and my avatar was sprinting like crazy as of i was pushing 100W. tried disconnecting and reinstalled the app. calibrated the trainer … updated the firmware… still i am sprinting … any ideas ?!

Hi @j_p8 welcome to the forums.

What is your FTP set at in Zwift? if it is very low or at zero then your avatar will always be sprinting.

FTP can be manually adjusted in the Training/Workout menu.

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To expand on what Mike said: Your Zwift avatar will go into the ‘sprinting’ position if you are putting out more than double the watts of your FTP. So, if your FTP is set at, say, 10 watts, your avatar will be ‘sprinting’ any time you are putting out 20 or more watts. So, as Mike said, you should adjust your FTP to something more realistic. Maybe take one of the Zwift FTP tests and adjust accordingly.

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okay, not sure where to check that … but ill give it a try. thank you.

got it :slight_smile: i have no idea how it changed … i did an ftp test last week, and had done another ride since … but today i kept sprinting … lol :slight_smile: thank you so much.

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