Endlessly Sprinting

My avatar is always standing up on the pedals and endlessly sprinting throughout the duration of the ride. This happens even when I am going very slow. I use Apple TV zwift app and an iPhone with zwift companion to run Zwift. I use a Tacx Neo 2T trainer. I believe I’ve got all the updates installed. This problem just started last week. Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can get my rider image to sit down would be awesome. Thank you.

Your FTP is set really low.


Just in case you dont know how to adjust it.

Thanks Dave. My FTP is set at 124. It is lower than where I have been at in the past at 180. Due to recently having Covid I redid the FTP test and am rebuilding hopefully from 124. If the FTP is too low and why would it cause the sprinting?

The avatar goes into a sprint at 2x your FTP, it must be set too low.

Is that the formula? Good to know. Sounds though then like the question for @Dave_L3 is whether he’s only standing when exceeding 240watts or thereabouts? His original post indicated though his avatar is standing even when going very slow.

Is it not when your cadence is <70, too?
Not sure about it…

Only on 3% or more incline