need a few answers please

I’m very new to this and i have a few questions.  

i’m going the basic route for now until i know how much i will use Zwift.

I have wahoo speed and cadence sensors and have downloaded the app to my iPad.

  1. can i test Zwift before subscribing and BEFORE a trial run?

  2. do i need anything else to get the ball rolling?  i read about possibly needed a bridge for the wahoo devices?..or will the wahoo connect with my iPad via bluetooth?

Any advice would be a big help.  Thanks.


Hi Craig.  You should have all you need for basics.  Providing you have a trainer to use.  Bluetooth should work with your sensors, just make sure they have a Bluetooth symbol on them.

Also, if your Ipad is a later model.  No more hardware will be required.  You could, if you wanted too, purchase a cheap HDMI cable with Ipad adaptor and run it thru your TV as well.

Zwift gives you an 7 day unlimited use trial period.

Hi Craig,

You’ll also get better answers in the support channel. The “Feature Request” channel is more for things like, “Hey, have you guys thought about doing…”


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