need help starting up

I’m very new to this and i have a few questions.  

i’m going the basic route for now until i know how much i will use Zwift.

I have wahoo speed and cadence sensors and have downloaded the app to my iPad.

  1. can i test Zwift before subscribing and BEFORE a trial run?

  2. do i need anything else to get the ball rolling?  i read about possibly needed a bridge for the wahoo devices?..or will the wahoo connect with my iPad via bluetooth?

Any advice would be a big help.  Thanks.

Hi Craig

This piece explains the free-trial stuff better than I  :slight_smile: 

So you have some miles to trial Zwift on iOS before becoming a member.

The Wahoo sensors are Bluetooth, they will pair with your iPad directly, no bridging needed. 

The only problem I would envisage is the age of your iPad, older hardware is not going to hold up very well, if at all.


Ride On!