"Name tags" still shown on image, even when HUD data is disabled

I’m using Zwift on an iMac together with the iOS Companion app. I’ve set my image upload preferences to “Only mine” in the Zwift settings.

After completing a ride, you can select which images will be uploaded. When disabling the HUD (by pressing the little graph icon), the HUD and other on-screen data should be hidden. The HUD is hidden, but if any riders are nearby, their names will still be shown in the image. See attached image.

The rider names should also be hidden, if the HUD icon is disabled.

It’s always been like that. To get a truly clean screenshot you need to disable the HUD whilst in the game (by pressing H or using the toggle in the Companion app) before taking the shot.

If you then want the full size native resolution image to be uploaded, you keep the HUD toggle you’re referring to enabled at the summary screen before saving the ride.

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However, even though it’s possible to get a clean image in other ways, I still believe this issue is a result of the Zwift developers oversight.

The graph (HUD) icon’s purpose is to hide all overlays, and the name tag is one of them. I think that the developers simply forgot to disable the name tags, as there’s no logical reason for the tags to still be visible while all other overlays are hidden.