N00b Q's: how do I find routes, worlds etc?

Hello, I recently signed up, together with my son. He’s been riding mostly and loves it, especially earning new gear and riding Repack Rush. We got a Kickr bike.

What we can’t figure out is where/how to find stuff.

  1. We read about the gamified Crit route, but it can’t be found under the route menu.
  2. Everyone talks about Alpe du Zwift, but it’s also nowhere to be found?
    2b) Or any climb for that matter as only Tourmalet is listed in the menu?
  3. Somehow during the introduction we rode on Japanese islands and Tokyo roofs. But they don’t show under routes either, just Watopia, France & Paris?
  4. My son got a banner while riding that he “unlocked” Tour of Italy. But where is it?
  5. He’s done Repack Rush dozens of times and wanted to see his top scores and details (watts etc), but there doesn’t seem to be a way?

Am I missing something?
Thanks for any pointers!

  1. Gamified races should show up here… it doesn’t look like there are gamified crit city events currently scheduled but I assume they will come.

More info…

  1. Alpe du Zwift is a segment that’s available at level 6 and above and it’s on several routes. Road To Sky is the quickest way to it. Other routes that include it can be found here:
  1. The Makuri world includes Neokyo and other Japan-ish scenery. It’s a “guest world” so it’s periodically on the calendar. Right now France and Paris are the guest worlds. Here’s the calendar:

You can also start a workout or create a meetup and ride Makuri world any time. You don’t have to finish the workout. I have a 10 second custom workout so I can just pedal for 10 seconds in any world I want and then keep pedaling after the workout ends. Or you can skip to the end of the workout and keep going.

  1. If he completed Tour of Italy, that means he unlocked a Pinarello bike that should be in the garage.
  1. I don’t know the answer about top scores on Repack Rush but maybe someone else will chime in.

Thanks @Paul_Southworth , for your quick and useful answers.

  1. Thanks. So Crit City itself isn’t a route you can always ride, like Repack Rush?

  2. Thanks! Is there an overview of all climbs in the Worlds, especially recreations of real ones? Or is the Tourmalet the only one? Oh, and the Platzerwasel I found in “France”

  3. Ah, that makes sense and sucks at the same time. I think I could join a group ride there as well and just escape.

  4. No, he didn’t complete Tour of Italy! He did something else and then “Unlocked” Tour of Italy. Which I assume he can then ride. But I did get some info in the link you sent:

To enter, simply select it as your challenge from the menu screen (hit “T” in-game, then click the challenge image at the top-right to see your current challenge information and/or switch to a new challenge.)

But I don’t see how I could do this on mobile?

Thanks again!

Crit City is an event only route, and the gamified events are special - most Crit City events are not gamified.

There is an overview of all routes in Zwift which you can see here:

ZwiftHacks also has a routes page where you can sort by elevation:


Regarding the Tourmalet and Platzerwasel rides, those are part of the Climb Portal. That has its own schedule:

The Tour of Italy doesn’t require unlocking so I’m not sure what he unlocked. To select a challenge you bring up the in-game menu during a ride.


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If he unlocked the Tour of Italy, that means that when you bring up the menu while riding, you can access the challenges on the top right. There are 3: California (cumulative distance challenge), Mt. Everest (cumulative climbing challenge), and Italy (cumulative distance challenge). You don’t actually ride in those places, it just keeps track of your climbing or distance until you complete it. But I would only have the Everest challenge selected, because that is the way to unlock the Tron bike (Zwift Concept Z1, the glowy and very fast bike). You climb 50,000 meters to do that.

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Ahh I see that’s available at level 10 so it is an unlock.

Zwift Insider is helpful for this. Eric Schlange has all the route and world information.
As for the climbs, there are several mountains in Watopia, the world that is always available. Watopia has Alpe du Zwift, the Epic KOM, and the Climb Portal*.The rest of the worlds (except Crit City and Bologna) are available on a rotating schedule. France has a replica of Ventoux and a climb portal*.

To access Makuri Islands on a day it isn’t available, you can join one of the Robopacers on a Makuri route (which should be called Pace Partners, but that’s another story :slightly_smiling_face:). You can find Pacers on the home screen.
You can also get into any world to free ride via joining an event + quitting, or by starting a workout and then quitting that.


As well as the large number of Climb Portal possible climbs, there’s also Alpe du Zwift (in Watopia, based on Alpe d’Huez) and Ven-Top (in France, based on Mt Ventoux). I think that the main climb in Innsbruck is based on a real-world climbs (since it models part of a UCI World Championships course) though I’m not certain on that one.

You’ve also got Box Hill and Leith Hill in London based on real climbs (though only on one side - the other sides of Fox Hill and Keith Hill are made up).

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Thanks guys, appreciate the helpful info. :pray:
This should be all part of the intro tour IMHO!

There is a bit of a learning curve with Zwift, the best way to figure stuff out is to ask the community as you can see they are very helpful!