My Zwift only uploading map, and not screenshot to Strava

Still seeing this issue and I have tried most of the suggestions above, it’s super annoying, has this been fixed or not and what is the fix if there is one?

Hi Shane @slainster

I checked your account and my internal tools/resources are suggesting that images are successfully uploading to Strava. I’m not seeing any image upload failures.

I am wondering if this is a consistent issue for you where the photos/screenshots aren’t uploaded to Strava or if it’s something that intermittently doesn’t work.

Since I haven’t seen any other recent reports of this issue (as yet), I’d suggest that you contact Zwift support. We can pull your log files and take a closer look at what else might be going on.

You can reach us here.

Thanks Steven, it is intermittent, but has been going on for at least 3-4 months now. I guess today when the uploads didn’t happen I got fed up and did a google and happened across this thread. Ill get in touch with support as you suggest, thanks for the response.

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Hey - I’m also having this issue. I’m not new to Strava but I am to Zwift. It uploads the map and then a greyed out box where the images should be. Strava ride when clicked on says “Processing media. Tap to see progress.” But tapping it does nothing and it doesn’t upload the pics. Anybody found a solution?


Fantastic news :blush:

I have been having the same issue lately, for the past few weeks the images saved in Zwift which I can see in the companion app are not uploading to Strava.

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This has been an ongoing issue since I started using Zwift in January. I’d say maybe 20% of the time screenshots upload to Zwift. Occasionally I’ll get the stock photo of the world/route I’m on. Most times, however, it’s just the map.
I use the Android app and most of the time I take the photos through Zwift Companion.

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It’s still a problem with the latest version. CompApp and PC/Keyboard screen shots are NOT uploaded to Strava. However, the (selected) images ARE indeed uploaded to my feed.
Still it could be Strava, it could be Zwift.

Still having the same problem. For me it started abount 2 months ago, either if i use Zwift on a windows 10 PC or on my iPhone 12.
Don’t know if maybe can be the privacy settings on strava (i usually automatically set my new feeds on private, and then i publish them manually) or the fact i’m uploading the fit file automatically on Strava, Training Peaks and Garmin Connect. However sometimes images are uploaded on Strava the following day, sometimes not uploaded at all.

Hi after finishing my ride and when I want to choose fromthe uploaded images , they are black… what I need to do?