My Zwift only uploading map, and not screenshot to Strava

So I have the same issue.

Where else other than strava do you upload to?

I send to strava, Garmin and training peaks, and maybe it has something to do with that?

I also notice that manually added photos after the event get removed from strava as well. However if I manually add them say 24 hrs later they stay…

I’ve also had this issue for some time now. All is ticked “on” but still no picture upload from Z to Strava. I was hoping the latest Z update would solve the problem… :frowning:

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Thanks B_CN - I don’t know how this got set to NEVER on my system, but I changed it - thanks!

Was there any solution to this issue? I have the same for a few weeks now and i assume this has to do with one of the updates. I’ve disconnected Strava and Zwift from within both apps. Cleared cache on all browsers. Uninstall Zwift and delete all Zwift related files from my computer as suggested by Zwift themself. I even went further as to find all entries in my windows registry and delete them. Then i rebooted and Reinstalled Zwift, change the settings in both app to give each other full permission and still the same issue. Nothing set to private in Strava and Zwift set to always upload. I’ve ran out of ideas to find a solution! I know you can manually upload pictures after the ride but the feature exists to do this automatically so a bit of frustration here.

I’ve been witnessing (and sometimes experiencing…) a number of issues related to image capture and upload, for more than two years now.

I often get or read various suggestions, most of them borderline voodoo.

The only meaningful suggestion has been to verify OneDrive (and the likes of it…) is not running on the Documents folder (this assumes Windows…). This did indeed proved to be a factor - though with the multitude of issues, it is unclear what exactly was the impact.

Sorry, but Zwift seems to have lost interest in this feature, and it putting it to silent slow death.

This is still an issue today. I make screenshots hitting F10, then after the ride I select which pictures I want to be uploaded. Then Only option is to SAVE & EXIT. I think that it attempts to upload the images, but does not finish on time and Zwift just closes… Zwift could fix that or at least separate SAVE and EXIT. Why not let the user go back to Zwift after the ride? Lets say I have hit a new level and want to check out new gear… It is bad UX in my opinion…

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And it’s still not working… none of my screen shots are uploading to Strava.

“So, it turns out that screenshots taken with the action bar and with the phone seem to work, but ones taken with the F10 key and the ones taken automatically (at close to half an hour) don’t register. It seems to be a bug.”

according to this Reddit post - the F10 screen shots are not uploading… so that sounds like a Zwift Bug.

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@Dave_Wolfson - been [more] broken since several updates ago - see this thread

EDIT: ignore, I see you found that one

Nope - Used the comp app for screen caps - those images were not uploaded either. Both ends of the feature are not working.

Hello. I’m glad(well obviously not glad but relieved) to see it’s not just me having this issue with screenshots not transferring to Strava. I moved my trainer indoors a month or so ago and hooked it up do I different laptop and was going crazy thinking I had done something different than before​:triumph:…I will await the issue being resolved and my friends and family will just have to take my word for it that I out sprinted Mark Cavendish & co :thinking::smirk::lying_face:

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I also have the same issue. On my Apple TV Zwift says it uploaded all images, but on Strava my ride is there without pictures. So annoying :slightly_frowning_face:

Same issue. Zwift is running on Win10 and just randomly uploads photos. Most of the time it does not. The issue happens since last December.

It still a bug - I tried to determine if it’s Strava or Zwift - clearly Zwift IMHO - because the images are NOT uploaded to’s activity feed either.

@H_Lulich - jump onto this thread which is focused on the issue of F10 photos not uploading to Zwift (Dave seems to already have found it). I’m unsure if the F10 issue is what you are describing but thought it might be useful link for you.

I probably reported something similar in topics:

  • t/no-option-not-to-upload-a-screenshot/447839/5
  • t/zwift-deletes-manually-added-pictures-to-strava-activity/536262

I cannot paste links here so I pasted last part of URL. Please vote here or in these topics as this is very annoying bug.

@Dean Could you explain how did you paste here links to another topic?


Just grab (copy) the link from the share button (or browser url). If you cant post any form of url, then you probably havent posted enough in these forums (I’m unsure what the limit is). But easy workaround is post a url and leave spaces in it and people here know what to do from there.

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Paul I’ve had this too and it’s a right pain (esp as I like to screengrab eg a decent result up a climb or a sprint as these don’t always match up with the standard segments Strava has for Zwift routes: don’t really know why as the two are complementary rather than competing apps in my opinion)… anyway, reading the comments here I wonder if I have kiboshed it (as I add in the route I’ve ridden to the standard world title in Strava, that others have commented prevents the photos uploading). Hence I’m going to stick to this, but use the zwift companion app to recover the missing screen clips and upload them manually to the ride using the strava app, as the logic here says they shouldn’t be deleted as the name change for the ride should prevent that?

A bit of a hack I realise but will update here if it works out!

This is still the same nearly to 1 year after. Let’s report it.

Did this get fixed recently? Looks like my screenshots are now uploading. They weren’t up until a few days ago… Could just have been an issue on my end.