My Saris H3: Wattage/Cadence slow to update & sometimes feels off

Loving my Saris H3. I’m finding however that it’s quite slow to respond to changes in cadence and effort; by that I mean my watts output in Zwift are slow to update. The controller seems to update quite fast to changes in grade (impressively fast). It just feels like the watts/cadence sensors are slow to relay changes from my end to Zwift for whatever reason.
Also, doesn’t like when I spin really fast under light load. Maybe it’s just a limitation of the hardware? Definitely not a big deal once one’s aware of it. It makes it hard to do low watts in ERG mode however.

So far I’ve jumped between Blue Tooth and a cheap ANT+ sensor I got off ebay. They both seem about the same. The ANT+ sensor requires me to have an extension cable placed right next to where I think the sensor inside my H3 is (won’t even work from a few feet away). I’m thinking about buying a better ANT+ sensor.

My H3 has the latest firmware update (unless there’s been one released this week) and is calibrated correctly afak.

Are your Zwift set to 5second averaged display?

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I think so but I’ll double check that. I’ve left it to the default setting (which I think is set to 5 second average?).

Would you recommend a different setting?

With the SARIS H3 you can put it on instant.

With 5sec avr you will only see it update every 5 sec

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I think I’ll do just that.

Will it speed me up? It will definitely help with the workouts. I was all over the place when trying to do a HIIT workout due to the rollercoaster effect the delay had on my output.

Thanks very much for your help!!

turning ERG mode off for HIIT and just using gears is sometimes better than relying on the trainer, especially for short sharp efforts.

Thank-you! I turned off ERG mode but it seemed to go into some broken version of ERG mode thereafter… really throws me off. My power output is also stuck on at the bottom of the screen and I don’t know how to turn it off lol… another topic though.

Thanks again for your help!!

If you turn off ERG you need to adjust the resistance manually using the companion app or the onscreen buttons or ± keys.

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