My race is not on ZP

Hi. I raced in the ZRL EMEA Div1.

My race is on Companion App and in Strava, but not in ZP.

How can I fix this please?

I have the same problem , raced Men’s Mixed Div 1 APAC.
Race result showing in Companion App and My.Zwift and Strava but not in ZP. There is a .fit file. Can this be uploaded to ZP…otherwise whole team suffers as next finisher 2 minutes behind. Thanks in advance.

I can see your result in the non-finisher’s section in the Live tab. This is due to some glitch when Zwiftpower loses connection with Zwift part way through the event (or similar anomaly) normally.

Yours is also listed in the non-finisher section of the Live tab. WTRL dont use ZP results as they get data feed direct from Zwift but I would check with racecontrol@wtrl for confirmation as they may have changed what they do for this current season.

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Thanks for that. I will check with WTRL. Fingers crossed they take the data from Zwift direct. Thank you.

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WTRL do take their data from Zwift directly, not ZP.

ZP usually struggles to keep up with the huge volume of ZRL results.

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Thanks for the answer, so what does that mean? It will never get to ZP? For WTRL I don’t need the data so desperately, as I sacrificed myself and dropped before the finish.

Hi @Andrea_Heinrich_Spee

It should also go to ZP if you finished the race.

Hi. Mine is the same - listed in the non-finishers, but I did finish, as confirmed by the stats from Companion. Is there a way that this can be added to my ZP figures as I need it to get my category back up again?

Just letting you know I had the exact same scenario. So waiting till results to be processed with ope dont have to beg for mercy!

Showing in the Live Tab of ZP @ 27.7km
In Zwift Companion in the Results near my team mates
Screen Shot from Zwift shows me past the line!!

Will update this thread once I see what happens in results and if I have to contact WTRL (Are my teams captain but waiting till results posted till I contact)

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I dont believe they can change the data that has popped you into the non-finisher state, they can only delete erroneous results. You could ask the question of the ZP team. They can definitely make Cat adjustments if they can see/agree with justification so drop a note off to and see what they say.

The AHDR Euro p/b Giant race is missing for the 29-09-2021, it was on zwiftpower as an event, but has now dissapeared as an event, so results showing, etc