Mute all

I am facing a long time issue of zwiftforgetting local settings like Login and sound settings. I am unable to solve it with all known actions including full reinstall.

I will just handle the login. I would like to ask to add the pop up bar during a ride a mute all button that will simply silence all forms of sound without going through the sound setup menu.

Some users experience unwanted sounds when the game sounds are all disabled because they use the Companion app, which also plays game sounds. If that’s your situation, in the Companion app, go to Settings → Notifications → Game Sound Effects and turn it off.

If that’s not what’s happening then I have no idea what to do.

The issue isn’t related to companion.

I disable all sound in the swift app: it forgets the setting along with the login info basically every time. To disable sound I have to go to settings and pull multiple levers:

I prefer just to disable all sounds with one click so the game is silent.

What are you running Zwift on? The behavior you’re experiencing is not normal.

I’m not opposed to your feature request, but something is wrong. It should not do that.

Apple TV. It is actually a reported issue (basically some local storage gets corrupted or erased and as a result cached login and settings are lost). Server side settings such as profile details are not affected.

Most troubleshooting steps including full reinstall simply don’t help. I gave up fixing it so I am looking for this workaround which is also a simple addition to the ride menu.


Yes this sounds like a known issue

If you haven’t already tried it, do a factory reset of the Apple TV

If Zwift decides to act on your feature request it will probably take a long time, so if you can resolve it by doing a reset that would be the quickest path to resolution.

I am happy to report the problem was solved on its own with either tvOs update or Zwift update. Nothing on my side. Login is now stable.