Music options, workouts and Rider list customization

Change up the start up music and/or have announcements, incorporate voice guidance and motivational comments into workouts…and last bit not least user customization of rider info panel e.g. order and font size, number displayed…can’t make out the watts/kg and other data, also add HR and create option for rider to become and list being weight verified.



There is no way you can verify someones weight for Zwift, there is another thread about this issue.

The other request have also been voice many time in other threads.

Lol, ok good for you Mr expert. Last I checked this is for feedback not a free message board, and as a paying member I’d think the company probably values my input. And hey if enough ppl ask then eventually it will happen . I recommend you troll bike forums and pummel the newbies with your cycling knowledge and disdain for repeated topics.

Wow, have no idea where that came from.

Why don’t you go search the forums and vote up the existing thread instead of cluttering it up with redundant post. 

I think you should read this before you start the insults and name calling:

I was just trying to help, but I see you are above that.

I have a Withings scale. It uploads weight data to all kinds of places. No reason to not have my weight imported.  While still not “guaranteed” to be MY actual weight and not “cheating” I would at least give me the ability to adjust my profile over time automatically.

The idea of upping font size for small devices or people with bad vision is a great idea.  I personally think these are good ideas.  Sorry you got down voted.