Multisport mixer running workouts

Anyone doing the mixer has weird running time figures in the plan? I’m not sure what these figures are based on, but they are wildly out. 5x 26mins @5:44 -5:09/km does not equate to the total of 8.4km? In fact that would give me about 26km of running.

I have gone to running profile setup and tweaked my run pace, so I’m not sure what else to do to get more meaningful figures.

I think this should be without the 2 in front of the 6…If you start the workout, what does it say? If you have 6:40 and not 26:40 then it’s a display bug…

You are probably right. If I multiply all the 6:40 then that’s about right for 8.4k.

I only run outside, so I can’t test if the plan comes up correctly on a treadmill. If anybody could try it would be great.

But probably still worth reporting it to bugs.

Yes definitely, shouldn’t display 26… Haven’t tried this plan yet though!