Muller font on

I’ve noticed that the primary font on the Zwift website, Muller, doesn’t seem to render letters with an even height.

You can see examples here (from About Zwift | Zwift Newsroom):

This screenshot is from Chrome at default size, and it’s the same in Firefox.

Zooming in, it’s even clearer, but those letters with a straight leg are rendered shorter than others.

I find this makes the text harder to read for me, and I wonder if it could cause particular problems for others too. Might be worth considering a different font to improve readability.

It also seems that the font in the game is now different for messaging. The space between words is very small and it looks like no one is using the space bar. It is very difficult to read.


Ah! I haven’t noticed that yet, but I don’t think I’ve seen any in-game messages recently

Pointed out very early on in the November update thread. :confused:


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