Much more night than daylight?

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #1

While I appreciate that it rains less now in London, I seem to now be stuck riding at night a good deal of the time on both Watopia and London, regardless of the time of day I’m riding IRL. It doesn’t seem to last long so I do get some daylight on most rides, but frankly I’m getting a little annoyed at being in the dark most of the time (and yes, still rains usually once a ride in London so the time I actually get to ride in “daylight” is even less when they have it raining). 

Anyone else noticing this? It’s really starting to get depressing, and I’m riding to try to treat depression so it’s not so good. Thanks.

(John Hudd) #2

how can you tell its night … are you sure its night ? … I ask this as recently the Zwift gods made nighttime a lot brighter.


now I struggle to tell when its night and day other than the red light that comes on

could it be, you are riding in the day, you just haven’t noticed as there is no real difference in ambient light between the two ?

(J iggle Poof (50+ no race)) #3

Because the moon is up and the sky is dark and my lamp in my riding room reflects off the TV making it hard to see the small weight to power numbers (which is important as I use the raw watts plus the ratio to motivate to get stronger). Also, the sky turns orange and red when the sun rises. It is kind of obvious, actually.

Twice during a 1 hr and 8 minute ride (plus a rain storm which isn’t as dark and not a problem), once during a 44 minute ride. Doesn’t matter what time I ride in real life, I always have night in Zwift (again, it doesn’t last long, but I don’t understand why it’s happening).


(eric #4

I noticed that too, and I agree that it is depressing. I found a real easy workaround, though: I cancelled my subscription. Zwift is becoming even worse in the entertainment department than it already was in the training department.