MPower Echelon2 ANT Receiver location

For those of you with an MPower Echelon2, where you have you found to be the best place to have the ANT+ dongle?

Any particular dongle that seems to work better than others?

I’d say the closer to your equipment the better when it comes to ANT + dongles.  The dongle we include with the Zwift Starter Pack is our recommended dongle, although any USB2 ANT+ dongle will work. You can also check out this guide for info on getting the most out of your ANT + connection:

Currently I have the dongle in a 6ft usb extension cord, and the dongle sits right on the Echelon2. It can’t get any closer :confused:

I’ll look through those steps. Thanks!


I’ve been doing some troubleshooting, with 2 different PCs and turning things off around the location of my bike. I also tried MaximumTrainer.

My finding is that Zwift is the issue. Not sure why at all, but it’s what’s dropping out. My Echelon2 doesn’t drop out, and when I use MaximumTrainer, it never loses the ANT signal. But Zwift loses it constantly. 

I will submit a support ticket.