Moving the leader's chat


Would it be possible to move the leader’s chat, so that it is no longer located above our avatar, because it hinders the view of the riders in front of us (so we can see less easily if we are correctly placed in their wheel). If the leader talks too often, it becomes really annoying.

If you don’t want to ignore him completely and thus the whole chat, how about putting the leader’s interventions on the left side of the screen, below the display of our power?

Great idea !
It’s annoying to see the chat in the middle of the screen when trying to watch the action while riding. I’d rather see it in the normal chat window on the right side of the screen.

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This was a big complaint when Zwift introduced the leader chat. I think having it in the bottom 1/3 would be a lot better.


I would love an option to turn it off from the center of the screen so it only shows up as other chat next to the riders nearby list. It could be highlighted like when you are in a meetup to help signal the message is from the leader.


Great idea! I’ve been requesting they move the chat for years for this exact reason. Lower third makes sense. Companion App only chat option would be another option.