Mouse and kwyboard

Mouse and keyboard works with every program installed on windows 10 computer. My new 2018 Wahoo kicker with Garmin ant+ connects and pairs with zwift. Wahoo works with its program, installed zwift (unleashed) version on v20 android smartphone works fine… But inside zwift program mouse or keyboard will not highlight any start, menu, join, settings, etc and let me click on anything, but in the program mouse will allow me to highlight anything in task bar, minimise, close out screen etc…hope someone can help. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, checked USB ports, mouse settings, reduced text to 100%, nothings works, and zwift tech isn’t helping either at the moment…he just ask if key board was working in program…no its not,I replied.

Are you running Zwift in Full Screen mode or Windowed Mode? I have far less issues when running it in Windowed Mode.

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Going to check that setting. Pretty sure it’s full mode, because everything dosent quiet fit in screen, thanks.

Also make sure you are not running other software. I had this happen when I was running some other programs and Zwift.

Pretty sure no other programs are running in background.

So you are saying you had the exact same issue before while another program was running?

Yes I did. But when I closed down all my programs and restarted it was fine. I can’t remember what the program was, i think both of them wanted to be in full screen mode.

One more think is I now run in windowed mode, and I use the software “boderless gaming” to make it look like full screen.