Mountainbiking Route

Curious how popular this would be and not sure how feasible it really is with variances in trainers (regarding how quickly they respond to hill changes).  Love Zwift, am a more casual user using it just as a part of staying fit, but I’d like to have support for a singletrack course that allows for the more quick and sudden ups and downs typical of mountainbiking.  If I had my way, I’d add jumps where your speed factored in as an additional motivating factor.  Talk about a fun way to train - bike to the top of the volcano, then power down on the dirt path…

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Make sure you also vote up all the existing requests like yours, it has been requested numerous times.

Good idea!  I had looked through the first 8 pages of results without any mention of mountain biking, but a search found a few and they have been upvoted.

Hi Ryan,

I love this idea! Our lead developer was briefly mentioning this on a recent Zwiftcastepisode (that’s a podcast from one of our community members.) 

So you might want to listen in on that conversation for more information. 


It’s coming soon.

I’m in

The other day I thought it would be cool to mountain bike through a rain forest maybe a cross between Jurassic Park and Avatar. Watch out for Pterodactyl attacks!