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Who is “we”?

This is the first time I have ever seen this suggested.

I guess more info is need to better understand your request.

(Ivan) #3

I Honestly quoted my self in the wrong section yesterday. I apologize for it.

has been a figure of speech starting with my son and I (we do sports together} up top on the profile picture. Athletes we talk on our road rides and my assumption that whom ever uses now days iPad with now days iOS which has “slide over” feature would ask for it for the reason the title says.
I guess I am naïve. However I am certain it wouldn’t be a big deal for developers to offer the App.
And not least “WE” ::slight_smile: whom uses above mentioned iPad has mobile set up feature wright from the “settings” to alter between WiFi or cellular data. Again for the convenience and security.
(FYI-now days iPads have imbedded Sim Card for cellular connection)
Take it easy;

(Paul) #4

Just to be clear, you cannot run the Zwift App and the Zwift Companion App on the same device at the same time.

(Ivan) #5

Of course not!
However, there are plenty of iPads with enough “RAM” to get it done in “slide over” feature out there.

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(Vincent) #6

Moving this over to Feature Requests. Pretty interesting idea, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

(Paul) #7

It cannot be done because at the moment the Zwift App and ZCA connect over your local network. It is also designed not to work on the same device. The ZCA is meant to be more or less a remote control for the Zwift app with additional features. A lot of the feature that the ZCA has is also available on the Zwift App on mobile devices already.

It has nothing to do with the iPad or any other device having enough RAM or processing power.

(Ivan) #8

ZCA is just a remote.
That is the reason why it can be done RELATIVELY easily.
On the contrary it has everything to do with the iPad’s processing power, RAM and certain features (CSIM) to get it done. And there are plenty of them out here in hands of cyclists whom doesn’t want to or cannot buy 4K TV and 4K Apple TV and use it’s remote.

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(Paul) #9

Right, but the connection between the Zwift App and the ZCA is made over your local network. The connection cannot not be made on the same device. I think you are missing that part. Even if you think the solution is relatively easy it would still take time and man power to implement.

You should be asking for more functionality of the Zwift app on iOS (and all mobile devices), instead of trying to run both on the same device. A customizable HUD might be the solution to your request.

I guess I’m still very confuse in what you are asking for. I have been very active on the forums for a few years and this is the first time I have seen a feature like this requested.

(Adam) #10

I think what Ivan mean is not the “Companion app integration inside the Zwift game”, but more Companion app features inside the right panel of Zwift game.
Is it correct Ivan?
Well will vote for it.

  1. When training at home, I’m having a special holder for my cell phone on the bike. But when at gym with the tablet I’m always looking for those Companion app features on the same Zwift screen. So it would be a good idea to add an option with tabs and Companion app features.
    The first feature that I would concentrate on is importing the same model of companion app map to the main game screen. The one that could be easily zoomed in and out etc…