"Most accumulated time within x riders of the ride leader" achievement for group rides

A goal of non-race group rides is to keep the group together.  

Since we get what we measure, how about a group ride scoring mechanism that counts the amount of time you spend within a certain distance of the ride leader.

This would change the dynamic from “look how fast I can go” to “let me try to get and stay close to the ride leader”

Display a running leader-board, and post ride results.

That is a brilliant idea. If ZwiftHQ is not able to implement something like this, then maybe there is some way that the community technology platform could do so utilising some of the tech in place that monitors races?

Great idea…love gamifying the actual goal of a group ride from the leader’s pov which is staying together. For my group ride (True 2.5) I have no finishing banner to discourage people from racing but they still race off every hill it seems (though mostly/usually come back after). Could incorporate being close to leader at key points…like when crossing KOMs…and the s/f line. So slowly accumulate points for time within X distance of leader…with bonus points for being within that distance at those key points…and biggest bonus for finishing within that distance by rides end. Just like you get ranked for KOMs, essentially could get scores/ranks for your group ride skill through this metric.