More TT equipment options

Bit restricting having only one TT bike option, no option for a TT helmet, and no option for a disk wheel. I would like my avatar to look a bit more like I do when on my TT bike, Cervelo P3, Zipp disk, AeroHead helmet …

I’m at level 20 so I think I’ve earned it :wink:

Cheers Rob Barrett … getting aero in a nutshell …

The disk wheel is returning, they have not given a date yet.

What I need is a grey hair option :slight_smile:


There is a grey hair option already.

Cheers - I’ll have another look …

You better get to level 25 and then you can say you earned it.

That’ll take another six weeks or so I think … found the grey / white hair. I think that was “new” since I last looked. Avatar looks pretty good now …


The new looks are great for individuals.

The wife asked me in the past how I made it look like me as the avatar without hair looks eerily like me already (perfect for me but probably not so good for everyone else), now even better with beard and style, love it!!!

Can\t wait for some more aero options though frames, colours etc for TT bikes.