Avatar head down after getting new bike

On my first ride since I changed my bike and wheels to the suggested ones for my level 15, my avatars head was down for 97% of the time. Also I noticed she didn’t reach down for water? Is this normal? I found it a little off putting. Will it change back to how it was? For reference I got the zipp 404 wheels and Cervelo P5 frame. Thank you !

The Cervelo P5 is a TT bike, so your head will always be down (i.e. in a TT position) when using this bike. It also has no water bottle, so your avatar will never take a drink. If you want the ‘head up’ riding position switch back to a road bike, and if you want your avatar to drink change to a road bike with a waterbottle on it. (As you increase in level I think you’ll find that only bikes you can get at lower levels have a waterbottle.)


@Pena_Reeves TT bikes also don’t give you the draft benefit and all power ups will be the XP bonus (no areo, feather, draft, etc…)

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Thank you! I was just a bit unsure as to why the sudden change. Is this a good bike to climb with ?

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Thank you !

It is if you don’t want to draft off of other people. It’s nice :+1:

Not really. TT bikes are generally heavier than road bikes. They are faster on the flats, though, especially when riding alone. (Because of the draft effect in Zwift, which is lost on a TT bike, a regular road frame - especially an aero road frame - will seem faster when riding in a group.)


TT bikes are generally more aero and heavier, not the best at climbing which favors a lighter bike, slower speeds mean aero is not important.

Okay really, weird. I always used the TT to go up mountains and it worked pretty well… :smirk::shushing_face:

Well, it’s not like these are Huffy’s from the '70’s, so they are not ‘terrible’ for climbing hills. They are just not the fastest available.


Thank you. I should have come on here before I changed bikes! I’ll stick with it until I get more drops to change to a road bike but I’ll be honest, it felt ok up the hill. It felt slower on the flat whilst with others, which you’ve just explained so again thank you!

Zwiftinsider is your go-to for speed tests.

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@Pena_Reeves You don’t need to wait to go back to a road bike if you don’t want to - all of your previous bikes will still be available to select from the garage

Ohhhh ! This is my very first time of changing a bike so I only had the basic starter. So when I buy another bike ( I’m thinking of the specialized tarmac pro ) I can switch back and forth without spending more drops ?

Exactly, yes. You can build up a whole collection to pick and choose from.


Thank you I didn’t realise that !