More training plan guidance

(Doug Jeffery R2S.CA YVR) #1

I am following the 12 week FTP builder and first off want to say how much I am enjoying it.

Had an idea for improvement. Could you ask the people who write the plans to add information about expected cadence into the intervals? I know that in most endurance intervals higher cadence is desired. For some of the shorter/higher powered intervals I imagine that a slower cadence would help build muscular strength.

Thanks for listening.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #2

Cadence depends in what you are working to develop or what weakness you are trying to improve. Some riders can mash out 300 watts at 75-80 rpm, but in a real world race I commonly see these same riders blow up since they get caught up in the moment and try the same effort not realizing they are at 95-100 cadence. For these riders they would need to do workouts at higher cadence same watts, gradually over a period of time so they can adapt to the high power/high cadence efforts.So look at what you need. It is usually the uncomfortable or painful areas that we need to work on so they become the norm. Good luck! Paul