Cadence based intervals in workouts

My coach has me include cadence based intervals before and after the main set - ie 5 x 10secs highest possible cadence with 20secs rest

I have tried including as normal intervals with a watt based target but it is a bit hit and miss - it would be great to be able to use a cadence based target instead


a combination of power/cadence workouts would be cool ie 220 watts at 100 rpm for 10 min.

I agree.  I started through the 12 week FTP builder and in week 4 day 2, the workout type is SFR/Tempo.  I hadn’t head of SFR, so I needed to look it up.  Apparently it is pushing a large gear with a low cadence.  Kinda seems the opposite of Tempo training if you ask me, but what do I know.  I haven’t done this day’s training yet (I was just looking ahead), so I hope there is some indication as to where my cadence should fall for the different parts of the training.

On another note, when I did the FTP test during one of the parts of the ride, I remember seeing something that said to pedal faster.  So apparently some of the workouts look for cadence to some level.

At least let us put text on the workout creator to keep the target cadence visible.