more stuff in jersey pockets to indicate distance ridden

I think a cool way to show how far someone has ridden could be done by having more things gradually build up in the jersey back pockets…

So if you ride up on someone (or get passed) that has ridden 100k for example, they would have a whole bunch of things (bananas, gels, jacket, tubes, etc etc) stuffed into their jersey pockets… I think that this would simulate being on a long ride… the longer you go in the real world the more stuff you take…

This could be a good and easy way to give people recognition as you seem them on course - rather than looking at how many ks they have done on the side board.


Kinda like this actually. One of those subtle acknowledgments

Yeah thats it Josh - it only has to be subtle… but for those who know, they can appreciate a pocket full of bananas.

This is already the case, sort of.

Ride Ons accumulate in your pockets. Get more Ride Ons and they fill up your pockets.

If there was an easier way to see the Current distance leaders (CDL) in-game, people could fulfill your wish and fill pockets with Ride Ons

When I head out on a real century ride, I have bananas stuffed into all my jersey pockets.  However, as I ride, they are depleted.