More power-ups in London

I know this is contrary to many people asking to remove power ups, but I think there is a huge discrepancy amongst the 3 courses with regards to the number of places you can obtain a power-up. Considering only 1 direction:

Watopia has 6 places: Start/Finish, Hilly KOM, Epic KOM, Volcano KOM, Sprint, Volcano lap banner

Richmond has 5 places: Start/Finish, Monument Avenue sprint, East Broad Street sprint, Libby Hill KOM, 23rd Street KOM

London only has 3: Start/Finish, Mall sprint, Box Hill KOM


Considering the relevant lengths of the courses, it seems excessive for Richmond to have so many, and London to have to few. I think London maybe needs another, maybe as a sprint, in the new section of road. This could even be a TT route in London (as people don’t seem to like the flat roads, but this was why the Watopia volcano circuit was made to be flat, to be a TT route). The London TT could be around the new road, back past parliment to Trafalgar square and back to the new circuit again.

I agree, what about a sprint over the bridge on the way to Box Hill. Easy to see the start and finish and collect a feather weight power up.