More in-depth data

Is there an app or something I can use to input the limited Zwift ride data to analyse deeper?

Have you connected your account to any 3rd party services such as Strava, Garmin Connect, or TrainingPeaks?

If your data is in Strava, you can connect Strava to

If your data is in Garmin Connect, you can request a zip file of your data from Garmin and import that zip file to See “Export All Garmin Data Using Account Management Center” in this document:

If you use TrainingPeaks and have a paid account, you’ll get a fair bit of analysis from that. I’m not sure there’s a bulk export function in it but maybe someone else knows.

You can also download individual FIT files directly from Zwift, so if you pull a handful of your hardest efforts and upload them to, you’ll get a pretty good idea of how you stack up.

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hundreds, zwift generates a .fit file so anything that can accept a .fit file can be used. i’m a pen and paper guy, but any one of trainingpeaks, golden cheetah or will throw more numbers at you than you ever wanted to know. for most people including myself, even strava premium or a browser extension like elevate for strava will tell you more than enough. some people also like xert but i don’t know anything about that