More functions in the Companion app

in order to change the avatar, your gear, bike and so on you need to start a new activity to access the garage. Then make the changes and sent dismiss the activy. It would be much easier if the garage was available from the Companion app.

the courses profile, KOM and sprint segments are only visible once you have selected the route and started your ride. In order to preview this information you need to go to a separate website. Not the most convenient!

Add to that the route badges and companion app would be almost perfect.

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It would also be helpful to be able to select the bike and equipment for an event when signing up for an event, all from the app. Then I wouldn’t find myself on a hilly course but still on an aero set up from my last ride, or vice versa.

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It would also be nice to select your map/route and/or workout. Now I have to step up my bike to wake up the trainer. Step off te get to my pc for selecting the route. Then start and climb back on my bike.