More exaggerated vertical profile on mini-map

Please consider having a more exaggeration elevation axis on the vertical profile. The difficulties of the climbs are not reflected visually. For example, the Watopia’s tower climb profile is practically flat compare to the KOM profile.

Agree, elevation profile is so small that its not usable. Its important information to me.

Just a thought that came up this morning. We have the power curve at the bottom of the screen (if you press G) wouldn’t it be nice to have something similar but for the vertical profile and grade. that way we can toggle between power and vertical profile. I don’t need the vertical profile during training and i don’t need the Power profile during races.


Elevation profile is useless like that. Its for me one of the most used function on bike computer to see elevation profile and upcoming changes. Zwift, please do something about it - there are many option where to place it - one of option after clicking on map(use app, where i can see map and use map for zwifthacks), on the bottom of screen …

I agree- the elevation profile on the current mini map is almost unusable.  I hope you will continue to tinker with it, and/or restore the old-style profile as an option, in response to what seems like a significant amount of negative feedback.