More commentary/ coaching during workouts

Today I did the Day 2 Week 4 training of the 10/12WK FTP builder, that had the comment: SFR/ Tempo in it.

Now because of I’m trying to hold on to the whole program I looked up what a SFR training is: Slow Frequency Repetitions. So high power, low candance kind of stuff. When I was doing the workout, nothing was telling me that I should do this on a low candance. So if I didn’t do any research before, I would miss the whole point of the exercise. I feel like this could be optimized easily with a few more coaching terms of comments during the ride.

For me this would be very beneficial due to the lot of workouts I’m doing on Zwift (9/10 zwift rides are workouts). It could not only improve the quality of the workouts, it could also be used as a motivation tool during hard moments(not sure if everybody does like that).

I know that there are some people out there that see the benefit of these little adjustments in workouts. If you do, hit that ^ button! 

Thank you guys!

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I was on Trainer Road for about 6 months.  The biggest difference I could see was that TR had a lot more commentary and coaching than Zwift in it’s workouts. 

It’s on my to-do list to update a lot of the more popular workouts with more messages. Certainly we’ve implemented this going forward, but it’s likely to be a slow process to retroactively update existing workouts. But I’m hopeful that I can. And certainly the point that more/better messaging is important has not been lost on us. Especially with group workouts, this is really something we emphasize. Not sure we’ll update every workout with more messaging, but I am hoping that some of the coaches that wrote the plans might want to take a stab at updating/improving them.

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