More Automatic Flat Routes Incorporating Volcanic Terrain

(Andy Warhol) #1

With the new volcanic terrain, I am hoping for an automatic routing (i.e., a drop-down route choice on the in-game Start menu) that links both directions of the traditional Flat route, in its entirety (i.e., including the esses), and the volcanic terrain to form a complete combination of all available “flat” routes in both directions. Something analogous to the current “Figure 8” would be good, but would necessarily leave out a section (perhaps the short part of the current Volcano Circuit that is not also part of the current Volcano Flat). Better would be something analogous to the current “Pretzel.” That would enable in a single lap the covering of all “flat” terrain in both directions with minimal double coverage, perhaps double covering only the shortest stretch, such as the new tunnel linking the main island to the new volcano island. (I realize that one can manually route oneself in game, but manual routing does not currently work with scheduled events in the event module.)

(Steve Tinetti) #2

My hope is that once they open the new volcano climb that more routes will also be added. That drop down list could get long! I could see it going to sub-menus, if that’s even possible.

(JD Griffis) #3

As much as I love Zwift, the interface needs some help. Should be able to view the different maps, and options within those maps - with associated info like distance, elevation, etc - from a user friendly screen that appears BEFORE pairing, etc.

(Gerrie Delport) #4

There is loads of information like that online. I prefer seeing as little as possible before I start to ride.