Add Enhanced Pretzel Route (Incorporating the Volcano KOM)

As a route option to see the full island features in one continuous loop without having to manually select turns, it would be great to have the option of doing an “Ultimate” or enhanced pretzel route with all major climbs included. Would be nice to have the Volcano KOM and Volcano circuit added in along the way.

Good afternoon Ryan, 

see the link for something similar.


Thanks Gerrie, that is a great idea, except that version is missing the epic KOM section.

I think the idea in general of having more route options, including up to all sections of the island, would give us more flexibility.

Pre-planned routes would be awesome:



The new volcano figure 8 course I suggested was not intended to be an ‘everything’ course, merely an extension to the Figure 8. What’s needed here is a new version of the current ‘Pretzel’ course. Which doesn’t need to include every inch of road on the islands but should include Forward & Reverse KOM, Forward & Rerverse Epic KOM, Volcano KOM,

Ideally it would just be the Pretzel but instead of going through the Esses in one of the directions it directs you around the back of the volcano up the climb and then back out to the Italian village.