New volcano figure 8 course

(Mark Hewitt) #1

Since the volcano was released in Watopia we need a new course along the lines of figure 8 which does all the roads in both directions (except the Epic KOM). We had a discussion in Zwift Riders and proposed the following solution. Could it be adopted as an official route?

Start line
Left down Ocean Blv, through the underwater tunnel
Throught the marina at the end of Ocean Blv keep straight on for Reverse KOM
Back in the town back through the start banner
Straight on through the Esses and to reverse sprint
Turn right across the beach towards volcano
Turn right to use the front volcano access road.
Loop around the back of the volcano
Back across the beach to the Italian village
Descend back to the marina through the Ocean Blv.
Left to climb KOM
Straight on to Italian village
Forward sprint onto the Esses
Left into the volcano glass tube
Left out of the glass tube through the front volcano road
Loop around the back of the volcano
Left into the glass tube.
Left down to the finish line

Every road is traversed once in each direction with no repeat.

(Gerrie Delport) #2

You put a lot of thought into this, I will vote for this.

You know what will be cool, is a route builder where you can build your own route, by that I mean program the turns.


(Paul Allen) #3

Also vote this one up:

(K.C. Race3R) #4

Much needed along with other routes that utilise the Volcano. KC@WBR

(Mark Hewitt) #5

To further explain the basis is the figure 8 route. Except that at the glass tube junction you go off and do an anti clockwise loop of the volcano. At the Italian village you go and do a clockwise loop and back the same way. Route would be around 24 miles.

(Mark Hewitt) #6 here is a ride which covers the suggested course. The suggested name is " The Möbius" / “The Moebius” !

(M cLovin) #7

Course Builder map/save would be the most practical option. Everybody has their own idea for a great ‘course’. Build/save your own maps like you do with Garmin.  

As this world grows there will be a lot more left/right options being added. The ‘route’ screen will get crowded fast. Let people save and name their own maps. Let them export the maps offsite and trade 'em and upload on their own. 


(M cLovin) #8

I was thinking about this at work today and I think i got a good solution.  Right here on there should be a Course Builder, (just like in Garmin Maps). When your done you name it and save it to your profile. lt’ll show up in your drop down screen as a course option when you log in. 

There should be 3 options when you save…“Private” or “Share with Friends” or “Group Rides”. This way if you only ride with the same 2 or 3 people you can all see the same Map. The “Group Rides” setting lets the leader determine the course and everyone in the group gets the map in their drop down as well. 

I was going to suggest a “Public” option for saved courses, but within two months it would suck. There would be 30,000 courses in there that no one is looking at. Every jerk off thinks they have the best map.

Give us the power to make and save our own courses. Zwift needs to focus on more worlds, prizes, achievements and server power.  

(Steve Tinetti) #9

Chris your suggestions are right on. I just hope they can implement these ideas without remastering the game. I don’t know enough about coding or their platform to guess how easy or hard this would be. The fact that they are able to make specific routes for races and organized rides leads me to believe it could be done relatively easy. Good comments!

(Darren Linkin (True 2.5)) #10

(David Griscom YCW) #11

I agree with the option to have a map builder to define whatever route you want. 

(True Tourtillott) #12

I occasionally notice in flyover shots of the terrain on the volcano that it looks like there is a road on the outside of the volcano. Am I seeing things? Is this a future addition that hasn’t been opened?

(Steve Tinetti) #13

Yes, hopefully soon!

(Mark Hewitt) #14

It’s certainly not your imagination the road very much exists, we call it the Volcano Climb. No idea when it will be released as we don’t really know what’s stopping them doing so other than spreading things out a bit.

(Gerrie Delport) #15

“What is stopping them”         ….         They are probably developing/testing so that when it is released it works as planned so we don’t have to read about all the cry babies complaining that they cant ride because of the new update. Give it time. 


“all things come to those who wait” by Violet Fane


(Mark Hewitt) #16

You seem to have assumed it was some sort of complaint on my part, it was not. Merely that we haven’t heard anything from Zwift as regards to the climb so we have no idea.

(True Tourtillott) #17

Well that is exciting.

I’m a horrible climber. The more opportunity I have to do it though…the better. 

(Mark Hewitt) #18

Now that the volcano climb is out I propose a new version of ‘Volcano 8’. Same as Mobius route above but the second time to the volcano you do the climb. I think it’s better to do the climb second time then after the climb it’s a descent and short sprint to the finish line I’m sure some events will like that.

The original was 26.5 miles with the climb this puts it at 31.5 miles.

Past the finish line.
Left; down Ocean Blv
Straight on; Bio dome
Straight on; Windmill island
Straight on; Reverse KOM
Straight on; Across the finish line reverse direction
Straight on: Esses
Right; At Italian village to Volcano
Straight on; Volcano clockwise lap
Striaght on; Don’t take the glass tunnel
Left; Back towards Italian village
Right; At Italian village
Right: Down Ocean Blv
Straight on; Windmill Island
Straight on; Biodome
Left; Watopia KOM
Straight on; Towards Italian village
Right; Through Italian village
Left; Through glass tunnel
Right; Volcano anti-clockwise course
Straight on; Up the Volcano KOM
Left; Volcano anti-clockwise course outside
Left; Around the front of the volcano
Right: Glass tunnel
Left; Sprint for the finish.

(Tauseef Khan ACC) #19

I concur. Ideally, if only Zwift allowed granular selection of routing.

(Zee Kryder) #20

I would suggest two courses.

  1. Volcano 8 at 19km using the Esses. 

  1. Your idea but add the volcano climb at almost 50 km. 

Both awesome and complimentary.