Moon darker than atmosphere

Haven’t seen a report about this yet or any mention, but has been around for a few patches now.
Nothing major, but it certainly looks weird when it’s a new moon cycle and it just pops out like a sore thumb; true for all cycles of it, seems some layering has shuffled it into the wrong place.

that’s no moon!

Its a black hole approaching the solar system.

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That’s weird. Has it gotten better? Maybe your system needs to cache the image? Not sure how that works with Zwift… I’ve heard of ‘Black hole sun’, but ‘Black hole moon’?

Calling Soundgarden!!! :crazy_face:


That would be epic. A friend freaked out when they read that the universe could be filled with microscopic black holes, and that some could be causing illness and other issues in humans too. Yeah, it was from a ‘junk science’ website. Still, there are black holes that have been ejected from galaxy collisions, so there really could be black holes rummaging around the universe, all hangry and looking for things to eat. :worried: :smiley: