Again, Wow!

(Ian Montgomery) #1

Just another “well done, Team Zwift!”

I did a lap today where the Sun was just above the horizon and the sunrays and atmospherics were stunning, sort of got lost in the beautiful environment you’ve created for us.  Thank you. 

Further along as the moon came into view, it stayed in view … in front of the clouds.  Still beautiful to see it lighting the clouds and casting its light and shadows.  Again, I sometimes can’t believe this is being done in real-time.  Great stuff.

Really enjoying this, keep it up!

(Ian Montgomery) #2

Oh, and a banjo player!  I think.

(Rob Toeppner) #3

You are correct.   Just don’t stop near him.

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #4

Thanks for the great feedback Ian! It’s so nice to hear that you are loving and appreciating all the work we put into making Zwift a realistic and enjoyable experience.  

See you around Zwift Island!

(Hugh Sharp LLTC) #5

I agree with Ian, the environment is beautiful, and getting better.  The improved look of the water has really grabbed my attention this week.