Monthly challenges and trophy rewards

The current set of achievements are great, but are not repeatable. I’m almost done with all the route achievements and would like more virtual goals to keep things interesting :-).

What about having monthly challenges? There could be Explorer trophies for folks like me that likes free roaming / routes… Racing trophies for folks that like racing and Tactician trophies for those that like structured workout.

Each month there would be a set of goals in each categories. There could be a bronze, silver, gold and platinum target with increasing level of challenges. For example for the Explorer trophies there would be goals for total number of miles ridden, number of miles ridden in specific world and a specific set of routes that needs to be completed. The Bronze target would be design to be approachable by everyone… silver would build on top of bronze and require more miles and target routes… the platinum would really push things up and include at least one of the long Watopia ride.

One trophies of each categories (Explorer, Racing, Tactician) could be earn every month. Maybe include XP bonus as part of getting these trophies?

Current progress on he month target and past achieved trophies would be viewable in the companion app. It would also be possible to explore earned trophies by other rider you follow. Earning a new trophy would show up in our follower stream similar to how route completion does today.

I think this would add fun and repeatable challenges every month and would be a good complement to the other activities current available.


Great idea! especially for those of us who have reached user level 50, and have bought all we want from the drop shop.
Give us some goals!


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    I would also add to it option to create personal challenges: challenge a friend for 100km/200km etc, or 4-5h ride etc… Or challenge a team! One team challenging another! For best specific group route time (average time between team members…), or overall distance in a week… etc…etc…
    Or a unique one-time challenge during specific ride/race (best sprint time, best lap time, best 20 mins time, best 5 mins time…etc…) - the challenge could be made between friends, or even groups!
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