Mode Showing Critical Power Graph During Ride

I would like a mode that would show me the critical power graph you can see after you finish your ride during the ride. I often like to compete against myself and if I could see how close I am to setting a watts record for any specific given time period, that would greatly motivate me to put in a little extra effort to do that.

For example, sometimes I am trying to put out the most watts over a 2-hour period and it would be interesting to see how close I am to that record for myself on Zwift… Or sometimes maybe I just want to see my best time for a short 1:45 or mid range 6:30 push.

Being able to toggle this up in the background will help motivate me as I get tired towards the end of whatever time period I am pushing for.

That would be a nice idea and in general the more we could customise the power figures in the HUD the better.

Only downside is with racing it allows some to monitor power easier to avoid upgrades…just need a ranking system to sort that.