Mobile Link Sign Out/Log Out

 It would seem the mobile app has a small issue of logging me out. When opening the app it will ask me to log back in. Having used it early this morning to schedule an event for later today. The only correlation i can find is i should have had a notification that someone was riding who i follow in Zwift.

If it helps:

Phone details:

Nokia 6 with Android Version 7.1.2

I’ve tried clearing the data of the app as well as uninstall and re-install of the app. But this has been happening over the past week or so.

Good news! We’ve got a potential fix for this issue in an upcoming update. Thanks for the report!

Salve, ho installato il programma e aggiornato subito dopo aver eseguito l’accesso tramite l’icona su pc il programma non si avvia e scompare tutto. Ho anche effettuato il pagamento .

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