Mobile Chat pop-up

Love the feature but was wondering if it could pop up on the bottom of the app instead of the top.   This morning on the WSR there were times where there was a lot of chatting.  The chat pop up dialog blocked the power-up button, making it almost impossible to press it at times.   Just a random thought!!!     Thanks!   Ride On!

Hi Kelley,

Thanks for the feedback. We plan on improving the in-app messaging feature in a future release, and will be including some settings to allow for greater control over this feature as well.

Ride On!


I just wonder who thought that was a good idea, why would you ever allow something to overlay on top of buttons that are crucial to the functionality of the app and not let the user have control over it, worst design decision ever… Its literally the most infuriating thing when you’re in the middle of a work out and have it getting in the way. It should have been on its own screen from the beginning. At least then you can choose to read them if you want, with a chat box at the bottom, like every other chat app…

Also, whilst I think more about this, chat rooms would be a good idea or friend, races etc.