Mobile App Feedback

(Michael Helton) #1

I upgraded my ipad mini to iOS8.1, downloaded testflight and the mobile app and hopped on my bike: everything worked flawlessly on the first try.

My first impression of the app was “Why”? Then I started playing with is and noticed some things that changed me to thinking this can be a very cool thing if done right.

-Loved the ability to switch camera angles. This allowed me to watch some scenery I had missed previously and look around at thing DURING my ride. Very cool.

-I would like to have access to the “T” screen to make changes to my Jersey or bike without hopping of my real world bike.

-I would like to see my stats and info page from the app.

-Loved the ability to wave and say hello using the app…I would never do this on a regular ride since the keyboard is out of use. I see the main product differentiation between Zwift and its competition is the interaction with others. The mobile app takes us a step further in that direction.

-Using a phone (or mini) gives me access to Zwift on the fly and is portable.

-Please give us access tot he power meter and other things. This way if something drops in the ride we may be able to reset while still on the bike.

All-in-all, I think this proof of concept app has great potential.