Mission August

What step to follow to carry out the August mission?



When I click on the mission tab, there is no shortcut to the route that can be taken.

It seems to be a very basic mission: just ride and complete any three of the five routes in the Scotland ‘world’ between now and the closing date. You’ll need to select the routes in the free ride section, assuming that Scotland is available (I haven’t checked), or do workouts there.

I believe you just have to ride any three of the Scottish routes during the month.

Info from Zwift

During the monthly missions, you can do scheduled events or free rides towards the progress of completing these missions

August Mission:
Chasing Rainbows
Complete any 3 Scotland routes, in honor of UCI World Championships. As a reminder, meetups do not count towards mission progress.

Recommend Activity: Check out the Zwift Ride Series: Podium Rides or ZRacing: Race the Worlds.

As I see it there are no specific ‘Chasing Rainbows/August Mission’ events but you could take part in the Podium Rides or Race the Worlds races.

I think the route needs to go through Glasgow, so Loch Loop doesn’t count.

Ask me how I think I know :relieved:

I just did the podium ride - 2 laps of loch loop; it ticked off 1 course of the August Mission.

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Ah, OK. Maybe Zwift just hates me? :man_shrugging:t2::wink: