Missing Rapha cc jersey

This happened to me, too.

I have the exact same issue. Can you plea re-add it? Thanks!

Hi, I also have this issue…any help appreciated @James_Zwift!

I have the exact same issue. Can you re-add mine too? Thanks! @James_Zwift

@James_Zwift - sorry, but I’ve got this issue as well. If you wouldn’t mind adding this when you can. I’ve had this issue a few times. if you even flirt with another jersey you can’t get the RCC one back…

Hi James I’m trying to get my RCC kit back, it disappeared. Can you help in anyway? Thanks Steven Richmond

Hi James,l have the same issue with my RCC trikot. Can you help me to get it back please - thanks a lot !

All - I’m afraid I can’t do this for all of you (I just don’t have the time).

If you reach out to support and ask them to entitle you the jersey they should be able to get that sorted. Feel free to emtnion to check with me if unsure.

Hi James. Sorry to bug you for
I tried going to the support page to get Rapha RCC kit back, however, when I type Can you entitle me to the Rapha RCC jersey for it is missing in my garage… I get info on personalized jerseys for race teams. Any way you could add this back for me?

Hi @James_Zwift sorry to be a pain but I have the same issue, can you help?

Hi @James_Zwift

I have the same issue with my RCC jersey, I didn’t even change it in the garage and now its disappeared , please can you help ?

Hey @David_Mackey_RCC

@James_Zwift mentions contacting support. I did this yesterday and attached this link so they can see it and hopefully resolve sooner. They said they’re working on a permanent fix which should take a couple of weeks. Perhaps the more of us who report it with the link may speed things up :+1:t2:

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Hi, thanks, I’ve contacted support too, let’s see what happens.

Lost my RCC Jersey as well. Please help. Thanks

Have you contacted support?

Hey James,

This just happened to me too. Please re-add, not sure if it has anything to do with the update.

@James_Zwift i am new user as well, lost my RCC jersey during a ride when they changed my jersey to poka dot and after I could not locate my RCC jersey can you help retrieve it back please?

Hi. Looks like my RCC kit has vanished also. Please could you add it back when you get a moment @James_Zwift

My Rapha RCC jersey disappeared from jersey list, could you help to add it back ?

Hi can anyone help, RCC kit has vanished??: